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Meet The Team

Our experienced team are ready to welcome you in, chat to you openly and honestly about your personal goals, advise you on a structured plan to get there, encourage you and help you enjoy the process along the way. Find out more about our coaches below.

Paul Mamoany

Owner & Head Coach

Paul has been a personal trainer in Sussex since 2009. In that time, through running his personal training business, coaching classes for various organisations and running bootcamps and online sessions he has racked up more than 10,000 hours of coaching experience. 

Instrumental in his success has been his willingness and drive to learn and participate in as many sports, disciplines and further educational experiences as possible. 

Paul's ethos is based around building a strong connection with his clients, from goal setting through to encouraging gradual positive lifestyle changes, he will find what works for you and make sure that the progress made, through training methods that suit you as an individual, are enjoyable, effective and above all sustainable. 

Whilst fitness and sports has always been Paul's passion, the want and need to to reach and build a larger community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts and local people wanting to better themselves is what has driven the idea behind Levels Fitness Studio. 

Everybody has a right to a fitter and healthier lifestyle and should feel comfortable and supported in chasing that goal. That is what Paul, and Levels, aims to bring you as part of our family. 

To contact Paul about personal training:

Visit his website  - 

or call or whatsapp via 07961029090

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Moira Elli Olivotou

Personal Trainer

Moira enjoys and coaches a range of different fitness styles; from bodybuilding to crossfit to gymnastics. She is committed to life-long learning and continuously developing her skills as both an athlete and a coach. Her personal experience of shifting to a healthier lifestyle means she understands first hand the struggle as well as the necessary steps to making a real change for the better and improving both physical and mental strength.


Moira's goal is helping people feel strong and empowered. Her coaching style is energetic and powerful while still creating a safe space for you to grow. By challenging you and supporting your journey she will help you reach your full potential and feel accomplished in every session. Whatever your goal or motive Moira will be by your side pushing you to become the best version of yourself.

To contact Moira about personal training:

Visit her website - 

or whatsapp via 07537166274

Joe Bartlett

Personal Trainer / Box n Burn Coach

Joe has been in and around the sports and fitness industry all his life, mostly competing and achieving honours in football and boxing. He has always been a keen athlete and has challenged himself in many sports, so taking the step into personal training was an obvious decision!


As a personal trainer, he likes to break down the fundamentals of fitness whilst educating, inspiring and motivating all his clients to be the best version of themselves. He believes in not only getting his clients the result they want but making sure they feel a sense of achievement after every workout. Joe prides himself on being a firm but supportive and enthusiastic personal trainer with the aim of always making sure his clients are enjoying each and every session.

To contact Joe about personal training:

Email him via



Radd Reynolds

Personal Trainer / Levels Coach

Radd has worked within the sports and fitness industry since 2011, where he has spent time coaching all levels, from those who's primary interest is to be active and have fun, right up to semi-professional athletes striving to make it to the top of their game.
A main belief of Radd's, underlying his training philosophy is that physical and mental health go hand in hand, so whether you’re looking to get fitter and stronger to give you an edge over your competitors, or you are wanting to feel more confident within your own body, Radd is here to give you the tools you need to achieve those goals. 

Radd is the newest member of the Levels coaching team and we could not be happier to have him on board.

With his sporting background and experience in team environments he makes the perfect addition to our squad and along with head coach Paul, heads up various classes and small group PT sessions throughout our timetable. 

To contact Radd about personal training:

Email him via 

Our Facilities

Based in the heart of Portslade, alongside a full re-branding our facility was completely refurbished in December 2021 and so boasts some of the newest high quality training equipment available. We have created a non-intimidating gym space that you will feel comfortable training in regardless of your ability level and we pride ourselves on making sure you have a wide range of tools to make the journey to your personal goals as efficient and easy as possible.

Functional Space

Our functional area is full of tools and toys to enable you to work on your body's capacity to move better, correct postural issues and work on your overall conditioning. Also known as "the pit" its where, the majority of the time, you'll be put through your paces in one of our many group class sessions! With everything from ski-ergs to battle ropes and punch bags you'll find everything here to keep your sessions varied and pushing your fitness to new limits.



We firmly believe that "cardio" training should not make you feel like a hamster on a wheel and we will make sure you are taught how to train your cardiovascular fitness in more effective ways than just sticking the treadmill incline to 20% while you hang from the handles and plod along at crawling pace scrolling through Instagram. 

To help us do this we have brought in a few select bits of kit that, programmed correctly and used in the right way, will allow you to effectively and safely increase your heart health and your body's ability to cope with the cardiovascular demands of an active lifestyle. 

Treadmill, Rower, Assault Bike, and Ski-erg are the main players here. 

Free weights

Our free weights equipment includes everything you need to pack on lean muscle, correct imbalances and become stronger and more athletic. 

We boast top of the range custom made power racks, dip and pull up stations, a full range of dumbbells from 1kg-40kg and a variety of different bars and bumper plates to allow for any type of lifting you require. 

Using free weights in a normal open gym can sometimes be a daunting prospect, but at levels, with our members only/booking only sessions, you will always have a coach on hand to make sure you are comfortable and clued up on how to use the free weights to train safely and with correct technique. Here nothing will be left to guess work and you'll never have someone looming over you asking "how many sets left bro?"!


Changing Rooms & Shower Facilities

We have spacious changing rooms and fully functional toilet/shower facilities. For those lucky enough to be blessed with a luscious mane each changing room has a hairdryer.

All of our facilities are cleaned and maintained every day throughout the day and after each use. We have plenty of hand gel available to use and anti-viral spray will be used to clean the gym equipment after each session to avoid the spread of COVID. 

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Levels Fitness Studio, 26-28 Franklin Road, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1AF

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